The Joy of Learning

Posted: June 24, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Kakistocracy

I frequently think what truly separates man from animal is not his ability to learn, but his ability not to. Learning is, after all, fairly instinctive. A humble rat learns quickly which button produces food and which an electric shock. It performs this feat of learning without excessive circumspection, or perhaps no consideration at all as to its intersectionality.

It is because—not despite—of learning’s visceral nature that it tends to be adaptive. Well-fed rats ultimately produce more pups than electrocuted rats. So they intuitively eat more than die, thus producing a thriving rat society. But if rats had more robust minds they would be capable of not learning this at all. So that if food pellets were imagined as rodent supremacy and electrocution as anti-racism, anthropomorphic rats could convince themselves to choose the latter without ever conceiving the consequence. It takes brains to not learn.

As with most metrics…

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