East Bound and Down

Posted: July 3, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Kakistocracy

Practically everyone’s income is an expense for someone else. It’s remarkable how infrequently this fact is acknowledged, and how much economic mendacity is substituted in its stead. If Pierre’s labor cost me money and my labor costs Morris money, whose perspective on the economy do you think each of us might provide? My professional and objective evaluation says that The Economy needs lots of foreign migrants to do what Pierre does or inflation could definitely get out of control. As we all know, rising domestic wages for people like Pierre are VERY BAD.

In contrast, rising compensation for what I do is extremely beneficial to The Economy, as it increases discretionary spending power and thus represents a powerful and necessary stimulant. That Morris wants to replace both Pierre and me with scab labor speaks to his ethical and selfless belief that wealth, like shit, rolls best on a decline.


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