Back to Basics: Everything That’s Old Is New Again

Posted: July 7, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


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A couple of articles that were sent to me by different sources:

Operation Lone Wolf: Sniper Leader Course Trains and Tests US and Allied Forces

QRPX-2017 First Place Winner – How the Army Does HF Radio

Although a little over a year old, they both indicate a (welcome) re-emphasis on basic small unit thinking and skill building. From the first article:

Focusing on teambuilding, highlights of the first weeks training on field expedient antenna included U.S. Snipers providing instruction to Dutch and Polish Snipers on how to extend the range of their communications equipment by 3-4 times by building wire antennas out of spooled wire, insulators, resistors, and antenna port connectors. These skills were new concepts for the foreign snipers and helped to validate tactics, techniques and procedures, or TTPs, for U.S. snipers. This skill is particularly important for snipers because they often operate forward of the main…

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