DIY Recycled PVC Pipe Gutters for a Water Collection System.

Posted: August 6, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Cimarron Ranch Off Grid Homestead

Due to our longstanding drought here in the southwestern United States I decided to build a water collection system out of PVC pipe and an old IBC water tote.

Because of our remote location which is over 3 hours from the nearest hardware store we made due with a lot of the things we had on hand. As a result, I probably would have used some different things but, again, it’s what we had.


What you’ll need:

A 4 inch or wider PVC pipe the length of your application.

one round end piece for the pipe

one elbow connector

one 3-way connector

Two 6 foot pieces of 2 inch PVC

One flanged PVC pipe adapter

PVC pipe glue

Hanger straps


An IBC tote or barrel to catch the water.

The system is designed to catch run off rain water from the roof of the shed into the PVC pipe…

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