Please Help If You Can…

Posted: August 8, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

These are good people,just been through a lot of bullshit,and trying to get back on their feet.

Even if you can only spare 5 bucks- it adds up.


Here’s their story-links at bottom for how you can help…

“I just realized I haven’t really explained why it is that I need to get to work, it’s a bit of a story so I’ll try and keep it short.
It started in ’08 with the housing market crash. My husband ran heavy equipment and when the market crashed all new construction came to a halt. We were sinking then so my husband found out that they needed equipment operators in the coal mines. (Yep now we know what happens) We had no idea what was going to happen just a few years down the road but at the time it was a really good move for us.
My insurance lapsed the day before I went into labor with my third child and so after we moved and Jason was working we saved enough money to file for bankruptcy. We filed and had a brand new clean slate and we were rebuilding! Until the Coal Market crumble, we lost everything AGAIN! And I do mean everything. We had a truck and a motorcycle both were taken we struggled to keep the roof over our heads. We don’t have a safety net and the bank has gone through with a garnishment. We tried to stop it and tried to negotiate a lower %. They agreed to 20%! 20% is more than what the payments were in the first place! 5 of us one income equals a whole lot of eggs, ramen noodles and cereal to eat. This garnishment will last 2 years… 2 full years yet school is starting in about 2.5 weeks and that’s a whole other expense. I NEED to get to work and I am continuing to fill out applications and send resumes but I haven’t been offered an interview for nearly 2 weeks (again). That’s a bit of the back story and a bit of how we landed here. Shares and donations are deeply appreciated”

“I chose to be a stay at home parent for the past 16years while my husband supported us. I have enjoyed it and hopefully my kids have too but we are entering into a new season and it’s time for me to help financially.  I began sending out resumes around year ago and I’ve struggled to land an interview. I decided to revamp my resume and include a personal “unconventional” cover letter every time I applied somewhere. Doing that helped me gather a few interviews but interviews is all I could get. So I began brain storming and I realized that

One: I love to drive and don’t shy away from long car trips

Two: I come from a long line of truck drivers. Thanks to my Dad and My Grandma I feel like I have a fairly decent grasp on the industry and

Three: We could start a pilot car company with fairly low overhead and I could incorporate those two assets.

For those who are unsure of what a pilot car is/does, those are the cars either in front, in back, or both front and back of a semi truck that’s hauling an oversized load.

I can get up and running with the bare bones at around 2.000$ but with the full amount I can take care of everything, from the spare tire to the business license and everything in between.

I have added my PayPal, Venmo and an Amazon list of needed items in the updates for those who prefer to donate through alternative routes.

Thank you so much for your help and if you aren’t able to donate at this time please feel free to share.”

If you aren’t comfortable donating through Fundly I also have  and a Venmo

I am also going to post an Amazon list for those who would be more comfortable helping by purchasing an item out right as oppose to giving cash.


***PS  I’ll be finishing up a job by tomorrow afternoon,and will be kicking in a few $$$ myself,tomorrow if I make it to bank in time-Thurs am if not- Larry

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