House Democrats Hastily Launch Their ATTACK On American Freedoms – Push For SWEEPING Gun Ban – enVolve

Posted: November 14, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The new Democrat majority in the House of Representatives won’t be sworn into office until January, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting a jump start on their anti-freedom agenda –namely, legislation that attacks gun owners and the firearms industry and places undue and unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Breitbart reported that while most everyone was focused on the midterm elections, a handful of House Democrats were putting together a piece of gun-control legislation that has far-reaching implications for the gun-owning community at large, as well as for firearm parts manufacturers and the subset of gun owners who manufacture their own firearms at home.

The piece of legislation is sponsored by New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone and has been co-sponsored by 16 other House Democrats. Officially known as H.R. 7115, the bill has been laughably misnamed as the “3D Firearms Prohibition Act” — laughable because the bill actually has virtually nothing whatsoever to do with 3D-printed firearms.”

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