Opening the Floodgates of Secession

Posted: November 21, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

cascade free zone


The idea of secession needs to become acceptable, before it can happen.

Right now most Americans are of the opinion that the Civil War “decided” the matter of secession. In other words they buy into the “might makes right” theory of politics. So even in States where one might hope it would be possible to form a political movement for secession, there is almost zero support for it. People who call for it are branded as kooks. The most common refrain in dismissing them is “that was settled in the Civil War.”

Therefore, those who favor the deconstruction of the USA into smaller, less destructive States have two tasks that need to be undertaken simultaneously: make secession an acceptable idea again, and simultaneously lay the groundwork for one or more specific secessions that are pleasing to our communities.

A lot of people are working on the latter task, but no…

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