Honey: The Powerful Medicine in Your Kitchen | American Partisan

Posted: December 6, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“A simple online search for the medicinal uses of honey yields dozens, if not hundreds, of hits, including all the health benefits of honey. It’s touted for helping with all manner of problems, from acne to weight loss. We’ll stick with what honey is most especially used for in a true medicinal sense. After all, our honey supply may be limited and taking a teaspoon every day for allergies or in the evening to sleep better will exhaust our stores quickly.

First off, studies have shown that honey is more effective at quieting a cough in children than any over-the-counter cough syrup. Parents also reported that their children slept better. However, honey should never, under any circumstance, be given to a child under 12 months of age. It should be noted that the FDA has recommended removing many children’s OTC cough syrups from the shelves because of adverse reactions. Fortunately, we have honey. Just a teaspoon or two is all that is needed. And it works for adults as well. Also, honey tea does a tremendous job soothing sore throats. Just remember, when making your tea, boil the water first, remove from heat, and then add the honey. Boiling honey will reduce or entirely negate many of its medicinal qualities.”

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AP should already be one of your daily reads anyhow.

You are taking advantage of all the free info they put out, and applying what you learn right?

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