JohnnyMac Sends: A True Multi-Band Antenna

Posted: December 11, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Originally appearing on his forum, Unchained Preppers, this post is a pretty good summary of improvements needed to make a very common antenna, the G5RV, an actual multi-band solution. While I don’t use the G5RV, I recognize a lot of folks do, so this might be pretty important if you’re looking to boost its capability.


I have been shopping for a new G5RV type antenna since Radio Works in VA. was sold. I currently have one running east-west (North south lopes) and I wanted one that goes north-south (west-east lopes). The new owner is focusing his production in a different direction than the G5RV right now. What it comes down to, is for me to make my own G5RV antenna.

Knowing that some of you are working on new antenna’s over the winter I thought I would share this with the folks here.

Now many folks carry manufactured…

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