Me and My Buddy Zeke Had This Bright Idea… (Trigger warning for PETA types)

Posted: December 16, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

It all started with this guy, and his two brothers.

Zeke’s farm has no house built on the land yet – because we’re redneck hillbillies – we built garage, barn, and greenhouse first.

Meaning it’s all muddy, cold, no heat there.

So…we decide to butcher a hog at my house.

The only way this was possible was to cut it up in bed of truck,trim big part of fat and scrap off before putting on ice in coolers and bringing inside.

We ended up cutting this hog up right off my front porch, and some of it on the front porch.

The neighbors were not exactly impressed with us…

The wife was even less impressed…

We decided to make some kinda funny videos for my buddy’s site – and here.

There’s I think 9 or 10 videos – most are short, last 2 are kinda long.

Last one is Mrs StarvinLarry’s take on our bright idea.

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