End of the Year Analysis, Training Goals,and Turning Up The Heat

Posted: December 28, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


As longtime readers as probably noticed, the pace of this blog has simmered down a bit over the past year. There’s a couple of reasons for that- I’m training good people nearly full time and I’m dedicating the bulk of my writing effort to American Partisan. And while I’m never one for bragging on anything, the site is the fastest growing website in the survival and preparedness genre. I didn’t do that, y’all did. And I didn’t make my courses the overwhelming success they’ve been thus far- y’all did. That silent majority- those of you out there who never run your mouth online while coming out to train in the real world- you’re the ones who’re doing it, and you’re the ones that truly matter.

Those dedicated many who’ve braved both bitter cold and a Carolina summer’s heat, slogging in miserable mud or sleeping in improvised pine bough shelters…

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