The Liberal’s Rational Case

Posted: December 31, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

h/t WRSA


The liberals of your acquaintance, maybe ones in your extended family, loathe Trump and they loathe you because you voted for him. At first, they thought you were misguided and could be swayed to see things their way, but soon they came to see your irrevocable opposition to Leftism as proof of your evil. At this point, you know well enough to avoid any talk of politics with them, should circumstances dictate that you see each other, because your previous efforts at “hey, let’s go through this together and see where we agree, and why we disagree elsewhere” resulted in their twisted faces either hissing in your direction when they outnumber you, or coldly staring at you like executioners.

Their minds are made up, about everything. You write off any possibility of future contact but then one day you learn that a mutual friend was passing through their neck of…

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