The Implosion Gains Inertia

Posted: January 6, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Dirt People

The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…  Beautiful! Grass roots conflagration, the “elites” just don’t know how NOT to fan the flames. Pretty soon Macaroni and his pinky in the air let em eat cake Brussels one world bankster pals will pull a real numbskull move, guarantee it, and they will pour gasoline on the grass fire. Wasn’t it Napoleon who said something about not stopping the enemy while he is making mistakes?

And the Circus Came to Town, by James Howard Kunstler Indeed!

Journalist Who Broke Story Of Mueller Deleting Text Messages Dies Suddenly, by Richard Enos Arkanside. What you get when you fuck with the Clinton Crime Syndicate made men and their leg breaking operations. One certain thing, the guy they walked was getting too close to the truth, in certain ways thats…

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