Rules of the Game

Posted: January 27, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

According To Hoyt


It’s been a very bad night.  I’m on about four hours of sleep (no, not my health. Just… stuff going on that’s not mine to tell) and I was going to write a rather innocuous post on the state of the writer.  Things like “I am almost over the cold and torn between finishing the fricking novel already and almost done with finishing the shelves and want to go assemble and set up my frigging library.  Also, the house must be somewhat cleaned today, and why doesn’t the day have 48 hours?”

But then I went to Facebook.  Which these days is mostly where I come across “real live leftists” who aren’t as stupid as Occasional Cortex (Yes, I DO know that bookworm room says she’s dangerous and therefore we should always address her seriously and respectfully, and without a hint of mockery.  I disagree.  Obama got that treatment and…

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