Joe Gamaldi, police union president, to those who criticize the police ; “We’ll be keepin’ track of all of Y’all” Wanted innocent man left on death row

Posted: February 2, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Deborah Lee Jarrett

 Joe Gamaldi, dirtbag extraordinaire, was keeping track of Alfred Brown for sure. After 10 years on death row his conviction was thrown out after it was found that investigators withheld evidence that proved his alibi.   But that didn’t matter to Joe Gamaldi. He was convinced that this man should stay in prison.   This is the man who purports to speak for 800,000 police officers nationwide.    This is not just about Joe Gamaldi; It is about everything that he represents.   This is about the whole dirtbag system and all of those involved in it.  This is about the dirtbag cop who jailed Brown’s girlfriend until she changed her testimony. This is about the dirtbag cop who had the phone records and kept them hidded.    This is about the dirtbag prosecutor who turned a blind eye to all of it. This also includes the dirtbag judge who oversaw…

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  1. mtnforge says:

    Thanks Larry for posting this. One more rotten example how illegitimate our government, in particular those who have usurped our government for their pleasure and profit, are under the illusion of legitimacy. Oh yeah, it somehow makes you better and special you can fuck with a guy put him in prison cause you feel like it? That is not rule of law, thats rule of men.
    Every day, more and more understand “law enforcement” is as illegitimate as the rest of the power that constitutes government, but it all is really underneath all that, an organized crime syndicate with a lot of factions and crime families/gangs. They run every racket the more commonly understood private organized crime runs. The only difference is for too long, every believed it was “civilized”, part of “The Social Contract”, and therefore nothing appeared to be wrong with this arrangement. But in reality it is totalitarian in nature. And we all mostly went along. But there is nothing worse than to have this same system, extort from your paycheck, before you even get to hold those hard earned bucks in your hand, or any say in this matter, and that wealth you alone create, is then redistributed to men with power who then make everything illegal which empowers them, or enriches them, at your expense and suffering at each end of the racket. That is normally called a lose lose situation. Having to pay for your own slavery, and if you refuse to comply, ultimate you are murdered because you refuse to go along with it.
    Who made these clowns kings, gods?
    Essentially, the instant any cop is above the same “laws” they enforce, which have been foisted on the rest of us, by those who give “law enforcement” their marching orders, cops become nothing more than another criminal gang. Armed badged leg breakers and enforcers for the crime syndicates, solders in a Mafia outfit.
    They just wear a fig leaf of an illusion of some kind of legitimacy, getting kind of hard to see these days, its so thread bare worn through.

    This fucker running his pinhole, he and his scalawags they aren’t going to make it to a grave due to natural causes they keep that we are watching you dicktator shit up much longer in this new world since Mr. President Trump has swept away the smoke and mirrors hiding theses criminal organizations. Withdrawal of consent for it by 64 million people has a way of doing that, and a lot more yet to come.
    Like, that kind of shiny badges grants special privileges stupidity, requires extreme solutions.
    It. Is. Unacceptable.

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