Top 10 Semi-Auto Pistols of 2018

Posted: February 17, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“Top 10 lists are always a reader favorite. Readers love to see their personal favorites among the top 10 list. They also like to leave blast-o-grams to the author decrying the list as a shame because their favorite did not make the list. Don’t blame the author, this list is all you, the reader or more appropriately the buyers’ top choices for 2018 based on sales of new pistols.

When this list was compiled, it did not differentiate between models with a single offering and families of guns all under a common name with different variants, colors, calibers, sizes, or accessory packages. That fact may give an advantage to certain models or companies that offer a several guns under a certain name. With that in mind, it is still notable that of the top 10, SIG Sauer and Smith and Wesson each occupy three of the top 10 spots.”

Great list, read more @

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