Top 5 “Small” Carry Choices for Arthritic Hands

Posted: February 24, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

SIG Sauer P238 semiautomatic subcompact pistol with black frame, wood grips and rainbow titanium slide

“As we all know, none of us are getting any younger. My birthday is rapidly approaching, and I will barely remain under 50 years of age. I like to think that I am still close to my prime; but I can certainly see how my parents are no longer near their peak. This is very evident with my mother’s arthritic hands.

SIG Sauer P238 semiautomatic subcompact pistol with black frame, wood grips and rainbow titanium slide

Roughly 10 years ago, she purchased a Ruger LCP (the original) as her every day carry (EDC) gun. Her hand strength was fine for recoil control, slide manipulation and her finger was certainly strong enough to manage the trigger. Over intervening time, those processes have become much more difficult. As an example, she must now use both index fingers to make that gun go bang! This is far from an ideal situation.

Small carry guns fall into two broad camps—semi-autos and revolvers. I will tackle the semi-autos first.

SIG 938

The mostly metal composition of the SIG 938 goes a long way toward taming the recoil of 9mm. The increased grip size also helps in this regard for all but the smallest of hands. The slide is fairly light to rack, especially if done on an unloaded magazine. Removing the empty magazine and inserting a full one, then releasing the slide chambers a round and the gun is ready. The limited capacity of the magazine also makes for less compression on the magazine spring, so loading the last round is not as difficult as most double-stack magazines. For those with smaller hands, this gun is a great fit. For those with larger hands, half to a whole pinkie may be left without a perch. The trigger breaks at around 7 pounds, and although somewhat heavy, it is a crisp 1911-style, short throw break.

For some the need to carry cocked and locked may be a deal breaker.”

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