How They Censor Us

Posted: March 2, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Dirt People

Tommy Robinson’s brilliant documentary ‘Pandorama’ presenting a first hand account of the methods and operating procedures of brainwashing the media complex employed. Get this right, the media complex is not news media, it is a literal manufacturer of false narratives, a conspiracy of leftists who actively every hour of every day are trying to undermine, subvert, and destroy all speech and free thought people so the truth can not out.

Learn how they “un-mask” people, deliberately make up entire false narratives to create the singular vision people they want to silence into criminals. How they de-platform alt-media, paint alt-right people as radical extremists, present honest viewpoint as “hate speech”, use social media platforms as censor platforms, intimidate, use fear as a weapon, impersonate their targets, creating fake texts, emails, and posts under their targets names and online avatars.

It is far worse than you know. So extensive it permeates every…

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