How The World Could Change In 7 Days: One Moment The Building Is Alive, Bright, Vibrant, Buzzing. With The Flip Of A Switch, It Lays Still, Cold And Dead

Posted: March 11, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

h/t Kenny

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You might be thinking, hey, I’ve got this one covered! I’ve survived lots of power outages. If that is your thought process, you could not be more wrong.

Anyone who considers, even for a moment, how interconnected and interdependent our existence has become … so full of overly-complex, over-engineered, over-automated systems driving every aspect of our increasingly fragile existence that is dependent on just-in-time inventory and shipping virtually everything we need ridiculous distances … arrives at the same inescapable conclusion: that mankind has built a house of cards.

I doubt we could have created a more fragile world if it had been our aim from the beginning. We have painted ourselves into a corner and we are going to make a mess getting out.

Few analogies are as simple and powerful as tripping an electrical breaker to disconnect a building from the grid. One moment the building is alive, bright…

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  1. Please check out latest on about our history being rewritten and about a group called Young America. Posted 3/11/19. Thank you.


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