I was assaulted at Berkeley because I’m conservative. Free speech is under attack. By Hayden Williams

Posted: March 12, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


I was never punched at my grad school alma mater, UC Berkely, but even back then it was a tough place to be anything but a liberal Democrat. It looks like it’s gotten tougher. From Hayden Williams at usatoday.com:

The punch I took on campus was not an isolated incident. Leftists are targeting conservative students across the country for their political beliefs.

The past two weeks have been surreal. On Feb. 19, while recruiting conservative students on campus at the University of California-Berkeley, I was assaulted by a violent leftist. A little more than a week later, I got to shake hands with the president of the United States and address an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference about why it’s more important than ever to protect free speech on our college campuses.

As a field representative for the Leadership Institute, I travel to campuses throughout California helping conservative clubs recruit and train new members. I’ve…

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