Was Bernie Sanders a Russian Agent?

Posted: March 13, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

h/t WRSA

cascade free zone


Americans have watched for two years as the investigation of Donald Trump has unfolded like a slow-motion train wreck. The entire investigation was based on what we now know was a fictional dossier. A document paid for by the Hillary campaign, and created by a gang of creepy dirty-trick operatives with a long history of sliming innocent people.

Throughout this entire period critics of the investigation have been silenced by the insistence of its supporters that “we only want to find out the truth”.

The claim that Trump might, possibly, somehow be a Russian stooge was so terrible, so devastating to the country if true, that it justified an investigation, regardless of how shaky the evidence was.

Many sincere people were either convinced or cowed by this argument, and as a result the Mueller probe has been allowed to continue to its inevitable whimper of an end.

But what of…

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