ZeroGov | Village Praxis: Mindset: Action vs Inaction by John Meyers

Posted: March 16, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Hard truths.




A couple random excerpts…

The tactical oriented type of people will bicker endlessly about gear, yet never even use the gear enough to realize that they cannot buy skill. You have to put in the time. The same people who claim they cannot afford 1 or 2 decent top shelf rifles that are reliable every time, usually have 10 times their cost tied up in 12 Budget Builds that will break on the first real training session. But they never realize this, because they don’t actually train in ways that some of us do.

What happened to the last 20 years of the patriot moving telling everyone about the demopublicans and republicrats being 2 wings of the same predator?)

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