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“Vaclav Havel, the power of the powerless”

“Our system is most frequently characterized as a dictatorship or,
more precisely, as the dictatorship of a political bureaucracy over
a society which has undergone economic and social leveling. I am
afraid that the term “dictatorship, regardless of how intelligible it
may otherwise be, tends to obscure rather than clarify the real nature of power in this system. We usually associate the term with
the notion of a small group of people who take over the government
of a given country by force; their power is wielded openly, using the
direct instruments of power at their disposal, and they are easily
distinguished socially from the majority over whom they rule. One
of the essential aspects of this traditional or classical notion of dictatorship is the assumption that it is temporary, ephemeral, lacking historical roots. Its existence seems to be bound up with the

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