The 25 Best Topwater Lures Ever Created | Field & Stream

Posted: March 24, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Since fishing season is about to kick off in a lot of the U.S…
There’s no other category of baits in the fishing world where you can find a more eclectic, bizarre, and curious collection of tackle, than topwater lures. Over the years, companies have spawned seemingly every conceivable critter into a topwater bait—from frogs and rodents to flying mammals, birds, and even turtles. Some of those lures achieve instant notoriety for their ability to catch a fishermen’s eye instead of an actual fish, while a hardened core of new and old faithful designs have earned respect for their ability to do their job, which is catch fish, and do it well. Because anglers are so fascinated by topwaters, we took a long, hard look through past generations of surface baits and picked out 25 that perform better than the rest. Here they are...

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