Russiagate: “Why did this ever start in the first place?” by Peter Van Buren

Posted: April 4, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Get to the bottom of the question how Russiagate started and it will be like turning over a big rock and seeing what slithers out. From Peter Van Buren at

The end of the Special Counsel’s investigation into the non-existent conspiracy between Trump and the Russians has created an army of “Mueller Truthers,” demanding additional investigations. But Republicans are also demanding to know more, specifically how the FBI came to look into collusion, and what that tells us about the tension between America’s political and intelligence worlds. In Rudy Giuliani’s words “Why did this ever start in the first place?”

The primordial ooze for all things Russia began in spring 2016 when the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, through a company called Fusion GPS, hired former MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele to compile a report (“the dossier”) on whatever ties to Russia he could find for Donald…

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  1. Big Dick says:

    It started because of RINOs and GOPe.


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