Scenes from the Recon and Surveillance Course

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100_0785 Hasty hide site is prepared to conceal rucksack and provide an overnight position. Note the abundance of dead grass in the area- makes for a simple early warning to the Scout should anyone (or anything) approach their position.

100_0783 Larger hide site prepared for a three man team. Note the triangular shape. 

100_0784 Hide site, rear. 

100_0788 Pack light, freeze at night? Usually, but not always. Even with a morning frost, I slept comfortable enough with a GI bivy cover, Snugpak Jungle Blanket, and GI casualty blanket. A big part of the course of learning what your actually need, and what you can exist without. 

100_0792 Three man Recce team prepares a plan at the Objective Rally Point.

100_0793 Same Recce Team, preparing to move. 

100_0795 The objective: A Small Town of Shoothouses and a mission to surveil the medical facility. 

100_0797 Student in a cobra hood completes his range card and prepares to move back to…

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