Remedial Journalism 100

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Random Acts of Gibberish

Lesson 1: Sausage-Making

Lesson 2: The Constitution. You may have heard that word.

Lesson 3: Let’s Party!

Lesson 4: “A Hunting We Will go”

Lesson 5: “Voting for Dummies Democrats”

Lesson 6: Supplementary Reading: Remedial Journalism 100

Remedial Journalism 100

Today, class, we are going to explore why it’s necessary for journalists/reporters to get facts right. I’ll also address some very simple techniques for accomplishing that.

Let’s start with a bad example of student journalism, and see if we can improve it a little.

COLUMN: Columbine should’ve changed everything
With the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting coming up on Saturday, it is time to reflect on how far our nation has and has not come with gun reform.

First, this column did something right: it is properly labeled as “opinion,” not news.

[After GCA ’68] Only three others laws were passed that influenced the gun reform movement before Columbine.

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