The dangers of anti-populism, by Brendan O’Neill

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Most of “our betters” who make up the anti-populist movement are totalitarian wannabes. From Brendan O’Neill at

It isn’t populists who threaten life, liberty and democracy in Europe – it’s anti-populists.

On Thursday 2 May, spiked editor Brendan O’Neill spoke in a debate about populism at the Leeds Salon. These were his opening remarks.

I always find it perplexing when people claim that the new national populism is a threat to life, liberty and democracy in Europe.

Because there is indeed a threat to life, liberty and democracy in Europe today. But it isn’t coming from populists. It’s coming from anti-populists.

It isn’t populists who have been beating, shooting and maiming protesters in France for the past six months, causing scores of them to lose eyes and limbs. It’s anti-populists who are doing that.

It is the anti-populists’ hero, in fact – Emmanuel Macron – who is…

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