Matt Drudge’s ‘Future’ Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged. By Timothy Meads

Posted: July 20, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


The alternative media is eating the mainstream media for breakfast, much to the consternation of the mainstream media. From Timothy Meads at

“Bringing these groups together is beyond irresponsible; it is essentially conducting a hate summit at the White House,” the Southern Poverty Law Center proclaimed Monday morning regarding President Donald J. Trump’s social media summit last Thursday.

Based off that line, you would think the president hosted KKK leader David Duke in the Rose Garden for a Sunday interview as if his opinions mattered. No, actually, that was CNN who did that in 2016, but President Trump did something far worse in the eyes of the Left — he invited citizen journalists, bloggers, and humorous people who make memes to the White House. In doing so, the president sent a loud message to America that internet pioneer Matt Drudge’s vision of the world has been all but finalized…

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