Liberty’s Torch: A Danger To The Public

Posted: December 16, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“Wherever there are Leftists and Democrats, there is a citizen disarmament campaign in progress. It might not be well advanced. It might not have positive legislative prospects. But it will be there. Citizen disarmament and absolutely unrestricted abortion are the Left’s two imperatives, from which they will never retreat.

And so, when the Democrats won the Virginia Governor’s mansion and majority status in both houses of the Virginia legislature, the very first thing they did was to prepare bills to effectuate a sweeping gun ban and confiscation. (Apparently, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s earlier endorsement of infanticide has made that subject a bit too warm for the moment.) Make no mistake: they want the citizens of the Commonwealth rendered unable to defend themselves – and without even the hint of a gun-related problem as a foundation for their proposals.

It’s been said by others that when a politician wants to take your guns, it’s not because he fears for your safety but for his own. He’s got plans which, were you properly equipped, you’d shoot him for even contemplating. So you must be “dis-equipped,” that he might radically increase his power over you without a risk of armed resistance.”

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