Posted: December 29, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“Disinformation campaigns – it has become obvious that there are several disinformation campaigns going on. The Steele Dossier might be the most innocent of those because it was aimed at the press and high level political stuff. But look, in a global world, where trolls can be had for very cheap abroad, and where the opinion making is moving off the main stream media and onto blogs and websites, the enemies of the US both internal and external (FYI most of them are a continuum, honestly) WILL use cheap trolls for disinformation but more importantly to shape mood and influence reactions (Facebook ran studies on this since 2015. WHAT do you think it’s being used for?)

We’re no longer in the land of the copy-pasta trolls we’ve all known since 9/11. These are highly sophisticated and can make softheads of some fairly smart and influential people.

You can tell it’s a campaign though through several signals:

The first and most important is that it comes LITERALLY out of nowhere. I.e. it might be a perennial issue, and one the right roughly agrees on, but suddenly it’s EVERYWHERE at once.”

“To me, the portents suggest that the New Year will feature steadily intensifying social, economic, and political combat. Thrusts of all kinds – rhetorical, electoral, legislative, and executive – would become ever more vicious. It could erupt into a low-grade war, in which persons on the Left are literally at cudgels with us in the Right, rather than figuratively as it’s been up to now. We’ve already had enough assaults by “AntiFa” on persons in the Right who assembled to express themselves. Remember, also, that various commentators on the Left defended those assaults as somehow “justified” in opposition to “hate speech” or “fascism.” ”

Read more @ Liberty’s Torch here

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