Governor Northam proves it IS possible to survive with your head shoved where the sun don’t shine

Posted: January 9, 2020 by texascpp in Uncategorized

I’ve been following this mess in Virginia since my last blog wondering which story I should choose to write about. Which eye roll inducing maneuver I should weed out to pick apart, which mind boggling lack of intelligent thought I should shred. In the end, I really couldn’t decide. There are so many to choose from you see.

So I narrowed it down to 2 topics. The first I will tackle in this blog which is the oh so generous ‘Grandfather Clause’ that Northam and his fellow cronies have deigned to include in their gun control bill. (Snort.) Please. If that isn’t a bunch of patronizing grand-standing. He’s ALLOWING those who already own ‘assault weapons’ to keep them as long they register them within a specified grace period. (Arguably to many a setup for the next round of confiscations. Possible subject for a later blog) The second will the legality of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries to be written in a couple days.

For reference (since states define assault weapons differently, even though most gun owners define them as fully automatic military weapons): Virginia defines “Assault weapons” as “a semi-automatic, center fire, firearm equipped with a folding/adjustable stock, or equipped at the time with a magazine capable of holding 20+ rounds, or capable of accommodating a silencer/suppressor. “

This Grandfather Clause is meaningless. It means bupkis. Guns won’t be handed over. Period. Here’s what’s going to happen. 1 of 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Somehow Northam removes his head and sees the light. This scenario seems the least likely so far. I keep picturing him in his office like Mr. Burns tapping his fingers together in sadistic glee.
  2. The gun control laws get pushed through but Sheriffs and National Guard refuse to comply with Northam’s orders. This seems to be the most likely. Or maybe this is the one that I hope will happen out of these last 2.
  3. The Sheriffs and National Guard are forced to comply with Northam’s orders. Citizens however will not. There may very well end up being individuals or groups that fight back. IF this happens, how bloody things get will depend on how organized these individuals/groups are, and how far they are willing to go.

According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League website there are now 125 cities, counties and towns that have declared themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. 125. And yet Governor Northam and his cronies in the capital have yet to figure out that the majority of the people he is supposed to be representing DO NOT WANT their 2nd Amendment trampled on.

Governor Northam has forgotten the very tenet of his position. He is supposed to be representing the citizens of HIS STATE. He is NOT supposed to be representing his own philosophies. He is NOT supposed to be pushing his own beliefs on the citizens of his state. He was elected to represent the citizens of his state and he has turned his back on them to push his own sadistic agenda. Governor Northam ought to be hanging his head in shame instead of channeling Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.




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