Our New Culture: “Just Report Them….”

Posted: April 16, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group

Informants are the new ‘social media heroes,’ n’est-ce pas?  Stand too close to someone, talk more than a few minutes with more than a couple people; chat with someone who pulls up in your driveway, do some yard work, plant a garden, and BAM!  Someone is calling the police because you violated unconstitutional ‘executive orders’ from (in our case) the ‘Queen’ and her staff of progressive socialist communist wannabe tyrants, and the snitch wants you PUNISHED!!

Rats.  Stool pigeons.  Quislings.  Judas.  Snitches. CI’s (Confidential Informants) – All them guys.   THIS is what our society and culture has become:  Police informants. When no crime has been committed.  It’s evident, too, when people do decide to chat or visit or, God forbid, quickly enter someone else’s residence to enjoy a meal or a visit.  Their eyes dart around looking for ‘that guy/gal’ that’s sticking their nose out through the curtains…

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