That ‘Whiteness’ Chart that’s been Making the Rounds is GONE!

Posted: July 17, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group

From Fox.

Apparently, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, after publishing the chart below, felt it didn’t c ontribute to the productive conversation they envisioned.  Especially after MILLIONS of people examined it, and it simply listed Western cultural values.

Go figure.

Here’s the crazy part – these values are being touted as what causes ‘white supremacy’….

Key graf from the article linked above:

“The museum’s graphic broke the “aspects and assumptions of whiteness” into categories such as “rugged individualism” and “history.” For example, under “future orientation,” the graphic listed “delayed gratification” and planning for the future as ideas spread by white culture.”

Even the introductory paragraph below denigrates white culture as something, ‘bad’ and following that, needs to be abandoned and/or expunged.

This supposed to be a list for whites to contemplate as to why they.’re supremacist, even when they’re not.  Do you sSee anything…

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  1. I would love to see a chart drawn up for BAME by BAME.
    I wonder what the reaction would be to that by BOTH sides?

    People can bitch all they want about white verses BAME and vice versa, but the truth is you can’t mix cultures without upsetting someone.

    The ‘popular’ politics of kowtowing to a rabble whatever color, creed, or whatever they ‘represent’ has resulted in the destruction of a nations culture, history, establishment, and religion.

    All too often the media are showing a weak few giving in to a vocal minority despite what the majority think, and it’s sending a message that is not being received well by those with grit, honor, and respectful of their heritage and country..

    As a result, there will come a time when the apologists will stop (or be stopped) trying to appease the minority after it sinks in that if you give in to anyone about anything, the next demand is usually worse than the last.

    After that there is no place to go except to separate the different factions or quash the minority.
    Both will need force, both will result in losses.

    Is it too late to quietly drop this insanity?
    In the UK not quite but it’s getting there. Years of appeasement politics have done that.
    As for the US, France, Germany, and just about everywhere else where such divisions are growing?

    Only you can judge your own.


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