ANTIFA Fights ‘Proud Boys’ in Kalamazoo….

Posted: August 15, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
  1. paulsprepping says:

    You’ve got NFAC aka Black power looking for a firefight, Antifa and other assorted idiots ON ALL SIDES brandishing melee and non lethal weapons, plus small arms. Not forgetting the complete idiot getting out of his car to face off a protest with a longbow in Salt Lake City back in May!

    Now I see three little boys carrying whatever (legally), and two fools with sticks having been let out by their mummies without shirts in case they get them dirty and I wonder.

    If ‘freedom’ means putting up with dickheads doing that, someone really needs to re-evaluate the whole concept behind ‘your rights and freedoms’, sooner rather than later.

    IMHO all you lot are doing is constantly gifting the political maggots ample evidence that SOME OF YOU are incapable of acting like adults so ALL OF YOU need to be controlled by removing your toys, ‘the right’ to protest, and other “freedoms”.


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