Critical Race Theory

Posted: September 23, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


by Al Benson Jr.

I recently read that Donald Trump has banned the use of something called Critical Race Theory by federal entities, particularly public schools, which are, contrary to what many think, federal entities. If they were not federal entities we would not have a federal Department of Education at the cabinet level. But we do, so they are federal entities whether we care to admit that or not.

A site called talks about Critical Race Theory. It says, in part, “In short, critical race theory presupposes that everything about American society is thoroughly racist, and minority groups will never be equal until American society is completely reformed. This position is extremely controversial, even in secular circles. Critical race theory is often posed as a solution to white supremacy or white nationalism. Yet, in practice, it essentially does nothing than inverting the oppressed and oppressor groups.”

In other…

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  1. Max says:

    This iis a great blog


  2. paulsprepping says:

    Someone will probably hate this but it has to be said.
    If anyone is to fault it has to be (at that time) big business that brought labor in to work the fields.

    Then weak politics let them loose and told them they were free men,
    And so they should be, in their home land.

    Only they stayed and didn’t ‘go home’.
    Then they got rights above their station thanks to even weaker politics, and eventually they thought they had the power to reverse things,

    Only this is when various ‘deluded politics’ truly screwed the pooch by encouraging them.

    So as I see this ‘brouhaha’ growing, it can only end in three ways.
    They either conform, leave (preferably taking the weak politics with them), or die.

    Which will happen when they try to force their will en-mass onto those with limited tolerance.


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