BREAKING NEWS: ATF Reclassifies AR Pistols as SBRs!

Posted: October 7, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group

So far, it’s only the ‘Honey Badger’ model, but I’m sure more will follow. Make sure you write your congress critters and President Trump and tell them the whimsical actions of the BATFE against LAWFUL gun owners on a previous legal, and interpreted to be so by the BATFE on several occasions.

If this is allowed to stand, about 5 million or more law abiding citizens become felons overnight.

Timing on this is telling, especially when many top ATF managers/executives were appointed by Obama and Holder.

They just won’t stop. Ever.

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  1. Виктор says:

    So that photo you have of the person weilding that weapon is either a felony or a classification of weapon not even affected by this ruling whatsoever. That is a firearm with less than a 16 barrel with a foregrip attached. That is not a pistol by the ATFs own regulations that is an SBR. That weapon is a form 1 registered firearm umder the NFA or it is an illegally owned unregistered SBR which is a BIG NO NO. Stop spreading misinformation people like you are the bane of second amendment supporters everywhere.


  2. I’m kinda thinking, so what.
    With all the variants of the AR ‘in the wild’, just how many would this affect and would they even bother to register the newly labelled ‘pistols’.

    Unless this is a build up to a national weapons grab? There again, as said, why would they even bother to register the newly labelled ‘pistols’.


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