BREAKING: Denver area “2020 is a political revolution”

Posted: October 15, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
  1. Bernie Sanders is not the socialist alter ego of Donald Trump. The senator from Vermont’s political revolution does not require the jailing of political enemies. But Sanders is playing in the 2020 primary a similar role to the one Trump played in 2016: a revolutionary storming the castle of a shattered party establishment.


  2. paulsprepping says:

    It’s not so much sickening as amazing that y’all let this build up and did nothing.
    Yet, this is also what happens in the third world.
    Communities that have lived together for eons are suddenly divided.

    Usually by religion, but always driven by rogue politics, greed, or some sort of avarice.
    And behind it all is pure evil, the weak in mind, that sometimes masquerades as ‘revolution’.

    The reality is the words of ‘revolution’ are just bloodlust, madness, or simply wanting what others have.

    Everyone knows its happening but most just hope it’ll go away.
    Until it doesn’t.

    Having said that, the mouth at enrages can be silenced.
    Only few on the righteous side have the stomach to do that.
    Even worse, unless they cull the whole evil, evil will prevail.


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