Re-Blog: “When Deplorables Fight Back…”

Posted: October 31, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
  1. paulsprepping says:

    This post by ‘Intrepid Reporter’ adds fuel to the argument that the US hotheads are talking themselves into open conflict.

    What some have forgotten is its DAMN hard to control a ‘red mist’ rabid mob.
    Especially if they are shooting, lynching, and killing anyone they think is an enemy to their cause. (Which is what exactly?)

    It also opens an opportunity for looting and wanton violence ESPECIALLY by groups like the BLM, Antifa (if their mothers let them out to play), the whole racial and religious side of things (BAME) and anyone else who has an axe to grind or will see this simply as time to upgrade their home electronics and wardrobe.

    After that the question has to be “Who is going to protect the innocents?”
    The police and other law enforcement?
    There aren’t enough of them if this stupidity goes national, and in the midst of self-defense by the law-abiding, in strolls the National Guard (probably carrying out an arms sweep of the law-abiding) leaving the criminal element fully armed.

    When it reaches the point when the national guard can’t cope, the US armed forces will end up actively policing the civilian population and that should be a terrifying prospect for everyone as that will end your ‘human rights, freedoms, and “amendments” ‘.

    And all because of a few mouthy idiots.


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