Unkown Distance (UKD) Rapid Rifle Engagement, by JRS

Posted: November 12, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


This is a basic rifleman’s guide to rapid engagement on targets at unknown distances out to 500(ish) meters.

This approach is modeled on low powered variable optics, using mil based reticles and a 100m zero.

This is not meant as a mil relation article but hopefully you can start to pull the beauty of mils from it.

I will demonstrate the approach with a variety of ammunition.

My acceptable impact area is an IPSC “B/C” zone target.

The dimensions of the of this target are:

60 centimeters tall x 30 centimeters wide OR 23.62 inches wide x 11.8” inches wide

There is a relation, or three “math” things the shooter must grasp and put together to make the shot.

-Target Size, in mils at various ranges

-What is the bullets drop

-What is the target affording me to hastily make a snap call on range

So, lets math this real…

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