I Presume it’s Evident…

Posted: January 5, 2021 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group

Every single fraudulent and/or illegal move made in the coup pointed out to the Communists (won’t call them, ‘the left’ anymore) by traditional Americans of all colors and persuasions has been met with one answer:

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Proven Self-Defense by a young man:  See above.

Proven Attack by ANTIFA slug:  See above.

Proven Murder of Christian Man for Wearing a MAGA hat:  See Above.

Proven Murder of a Trump Supporter by a ‘security guard:’  See Above.

Literal Peaceful Protest in the Nation’s Capitol:   See above.

Attempt to Redress the Grievance of a Demonstrable  Coup:  See above.

Main Stream Objectivity:  See above.

Evidence demonstrating COVID 19 does NOT require asinine masks?  See above.

State Supreme Courts censure governors’ seizure of power and dictatorial edicts:  See above.

Calling Out Neighbors Snitching on Neighbors:  See above.

Calling Out Unlawful Occupation of Public Property in our Cities:  See above.

Calling Out the Illegal Entry by non-US…

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