Playing In The Streets Gets Us Nowhere – and FFS Delete ALL “Social(ist) / Commie Controlled Media

Posted: January 14, 2021 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

What happens every time anyone,any group of those of us “on the right” show up in the Commie enclaves?

No matter what group it is – there are .gov agents,and opposition plants.





Learn from the epic failures.

How many times does it take to learn that the left,the media owned by the left,and the grifter politicians are gonna call you traitors, terrorists, insurrectionists,white supremacists,Nazis,xenophobes,homophobes Isalamaphobes,right wing extremists,gun nuts,rednecks hillbillies, and on and on ad nauseum-( even when your group is comprised of multiple races)?????

Play in the streets – the Commies identify you, you become a “victim” of their cancel culture,you lose your job,you get deplatformed from all social media,if you own your own business – kiss it goodbye.


Because they control the media,they control education,they control most local politics.

Stop trying to engage them in their own shithole cities.

Stay away from the stupidity – they’ll start burning their own Commie enclaves down soon enough.

Let them do it.

Buy more ammo,food,water/ means to purify water,medical supplies,vegetable seeds.

Things are gonna suck for a while. Get used to that fact.

If your stuck in a Commie shithole – work on moving ASAP.

Gropy grandpa Biden, Kumswalla,Schumer and Botox Barbie are gonna pass all kinds of bullshit labeling us “domestic terrorists” and enact draconian “gun control” – just for starters.

There’s already legislation to get rid of the electoral college – not that there was any chance of anyone to the right of Stalin ever being elected again anyhow.

The left is about power and control – period they don’t give a flying fuck  about the ruined lives of all the useful idiots who do their bidding.

They give even less of a flying fuck about anyone who is not a full fledged statist in support of the new Commie dystopia consisting of a rainbow flag type blend of technocracy/ corpratocracy / oligarchy/ kakistocrocy. Those of us who believe in and support liberty and freedom are now the new Kulaks.

Those in power used the left and their version of Pravda – aka – mainstream media, to push their agenda and a 100% false,utter bullshit narrative that Trump supporters / MAGA ( aka – those of us who live in flyover swine country/ basket of deplorables/ smelly hillbilly Walmart shoppers are “rioters” ” insurrectionists” “Nazis” and “white supremacists ” were the cause of the “riot” “attack” “insurrection ” at the Capitol “

The fucking FACT the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters did not a fucking thing wrong,and violated ZERO laws is lost on the leftist useful idiots.

The actions of a minute fucking percentage of those in D.C. engaged in leftist/ BLM/ Cuntifa/ FBI/ assisted “violence” is blasted 24/7 by American Pravda.

And clueless fucking morons actually believe this shit.

They started with shit like ” attack on the Capitol ” went to “Trump supporters riot at the Capitol ” to “Maga cult storms Capitol ” to ” assault on Capitol ” to “Trump told his supporters to storm the Capitol” to ” “Nazis and white supremacists try to overthrow the government “

This bullshit was spewed and regurgitated by EVERY SINGLE MSM OUTLET.

Facts don’t matter to our new overlords – BLM and Cuntifa/ Profa riot, loot,destroy small businesses, burn police cars,take over large parts of Commie controlled shitholes – ( see Portland, Seattle, Kenosha,Ferguson et -al.

The left/ Marxist/ Democrat/ Commies claim that was ” Mostly peaceful protests”

They started trying to oust Trump a bit after noon on the day he was inaugurated  – Washington Compost – look it up.

All the Commie douchenozzles and C U next Tuesday Democrats proved by using impeachment as a political weapon that all they care about is power.

Over you,your children,your ability to communicate with each other without being subjected to woke stupidity.

Your ability to access credit and banking,your ability to run your business as you see fit – deny the LGBQ BLT faction a cake because it goes against your religious beliefs?

Bake the cake or we will destroy you.

The K – PhD Marxist indoctrination system  worked – Orwell was right.

Obey your new overlords or else.

This shit started after the 60′ “hippies”

figured out they could actually finish college and become teachers – helped along by people like Obama’s good friends Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn who actually BOMBED federal buildings  – but they’re fuckin leftist/Marxist/ Commie thugs  – so Slick Willie pardoned them – now – they indoctrinate Your  children.

The only “institutional racism ” that exists today is the left/ Marxist/ Commie push to make everything about race.

The most racially discriminated class of people in the USSA/ FUSA today  are white,southern, Christian males.

Anyone who can’t see that is blind,or stupid,or both.

It ain’t about left vs right or GOP vs Dem – yeah I slam the left because anyone with an IQ higher than a cantaloupe can see what’s going on –

The left wing and right wing are still attached to the same bird.

All politicians only care about power and $$$.

Government only cares about control over you,and extorting as much “tax” $$$ as possible from you.

Stop playing by their rules – live your life outside the “system” as much as possible.

****for the record – I support free speech – feel free to comment.

I will respond to civil comments,engage in civil intelligent discussion  – if you want to be a fucktard, troll, or otherwise a dipshit – I will not approve your stupidity and mock you***

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