Technique Of The Coup D’Etat

Posted: January 15, 2021 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

According To Hoyt

There is a technique to the coup d’etat, particularly one that is known not to be wanted by the people of the country upon which you performed it. As in the French revolution it always involves terror.

I’m very afraid the enemy — what do you call people who encourage you to chant “Death to America” but think the American flag is a symbol of “white supremacy”? — is set to unleash terror this weekend.

This ties up to my post yesterday which, on its face I consider one of the most innocuous and bland things I ever wrote, but which seems to have unleashed upon me the mad fury of the leftist brain washed army of trained zombies.

As in, I went to FB after I’d shared it — I honestly do not remember why, though it might have been to check on messenger if I was waiting for…

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