Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Afghanistan

Posted: August 17, 2021 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Over the last two days, I’ve watched the news a little bit, after receiving numerous phone calls and emails from friends, acquaintances, and family members, about the debacle in Kabul. For those that have somehow managed to avoid hearing the news, the US-backed Afghan “government” collapsed, as the Taliban entered Kabul, having already taken most major cities in the country (they already owned the countryside). We got to see the American Embassy evacuated, in a blow-by-blow replay of Saigon, 1975, despite POTUS’ earlier assurances that there was no way that was going to happen.

A lot of people are—figuratively, if not literally—suffering a great deal of angst over that. I know where they are coming from. I’ve seen some social media posts from really smart dudes, with really solid, meat-eater, bad motherfucker credentials in the SOF world, bemoaning this turn of events, as if it were somehow not completely fucking…

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