Guerrilla Gunfighter 3: Training Drills for Building Skills

Posted: August 29, 2021 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


In this third installment in the Guerrilla Gunfighter series, Mountain Guerrilla John Mosby teaches you the drills he uses to develop and refine real-world shooting skill with general preparedness rifle and clandestine carry pistol. Based on his experience as a veteran SOF soldier, alongside his every day use of rifles and pistols on the farm and in the wilderness, there is no fluff or bullshit. Just the same range of drills that John uses himself and in his classes, to pass on the ability to deliver fast, effective hits with the gun of the day. Not limiting himself to modern fighting rifles, John calls on his SF experience, and offers modifications for each drill, so you can “run what you brung,” even if that is a lever-action rifle, or a pump-action rifle or slug gun.

With a forward by Viking Preparedness’ Pastor Joe Fox, retired SF Major.

Exclusively available…

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