Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States, by S.V. Subramanian and Akhil Kumar

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If the propaganda were correct, there would be a strong negative relationship between the increase in Covid-19 and vaccination levels. In other words, more vaccinations, the fewer the cases of Covid-19. That’s not what’s happening. From S.V. Subramanian and Akhil Kumar at the European Journal of Epidemiology via

Vaccines currently are the primary mitigation strategy to combat COVID-19 around the world. For instance, the narrative related to the ongoing surge of new cases in the United States (US) is argued to be driven by areas with low vaccination rates [1]. A similar narrative also has been observed in countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom [2]. At the same time, Israel that was hailed for its swift and high rates of vaccination has also seen a substantial resurgence in COVID-19 cases [3]. We investigate the relationship between the percentage of population  fully…

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