I Am a Racist*

Posted: January 14, 2022 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


By John Cylc

January 14, 2022

President Joe Biden gave a fiery speech in Georgia on January 11th, 2021. He declared that those who oppose the Freedom to Vote Act must support Jim Crow laws, George Wallace, and Jefferson Davis. I neither support any of those people, nor the Right to Vote Act. I support our Constitution. I support conservatism, especially when it comes to limiting government powers, size, and spending. I consider myself a patriot. In the minds of leftists like Biden, that alone makes me a racist. Maybe he is right, and I just never understood what that word means?

If opposing the Federal Government taking over the Constitutionally defined right of states to conduct elections is racist, then I am a racist.

If calling for laws establishing that ONLY United States citizens can vote in elections, even local elections, is racist, then I am…

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    I am sometimes called a racist because…
    I am known to say “ALL lives matter” when people start their black lives matter talk.


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