Land Navigation Skill Builder Class, June 4-5

Posted: February 5, 2022 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Badlands Fieldcraft

Tired of getting lost? Don’t know your declination from your grid square? Come out for two days and evenings of excellent land navigation training and we’ll get that squared away.

Whether you’re experienced with a map and compass or have never touched one, I will get you very competent with them in a short period of time. Starting from the basics and working our way up to advanced skills, you’ll leave here with the skills to navigate cross country day or night, with or without maps.

Taking place in the badlands of Montana you’ll get the opportunity to fully learn how to navigate, day or night, as you put these skills to use over many miles of open country. Students should expect to hike 3-4 miles a day over hilly terrain with a minimum load (the list below).

Gear List

Land Navigation Equipment

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