Book Review: “Tactical Wisdom – Fieldcraft” by Joe Dolio

Posted: March 6, 2022 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Badlands Fieldcraft

I just finished reading the Fieldcraft addition to Joe Dolio’s Tactical Wisdom series and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know Joe personally, but from what I gather he has extensive experience as a Marine and security professional and has a great reputation as a patriot. Also from what I gather, this book has only recently been published, so the information in it is about as current as you can get.

One of the big things I like about this book is how it is written. Military training manuals and documents can sometimes be hard to read, I usually think of these as notes to a class instead of a book written to teach someone who is unfamiliar with the subjects contained therein.

As someone who instructs a course in Fieldcraft, I thought I should check this book out. For one, I’m always looking for more tidbits to add…

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