Food Storage/Prepping Basics

Posted: April 7, 2022 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Seems like a good time to revisit the topic.

Even mainstream media is predicting food shortages.Talk to your local farmers – they agree.

Most who read this site are already prepared to whatever extent they can be.

Anyone just starting out is going to need to invest some scarce $$$ real soon.

At first,it will just be some items out of stock,these things will return to store shelves before long. As things get worse – more items will be out of stock for longer periods of time,some will become unobtainium.

The most important thing during the beginning of food shortages is calorie intake. As time goes on,you have to also focus on nutrition. So – pay attention to what you have,plan nutritious meals.

Basics to stock up on include :

Rice,dried beans,pasta,canned veggies,canned tomato products, canned/jarred meats,canned soups/stews, Buy pepperoni and summer sausage – can be stored at room temp,as can Velveeta, etc – canned fruit,powdered potatoes, powdered milk,powdered eggs,salt,sugar,flour,yeast,baking powder,soup bases/boullion, cooking oil,lard/crisco,spices,condiments. Fill your freezer with meat,poultry,seafood as much as possible – instead of chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas.There are lots of online calculator sites to figure out how much of which food you need for X number of people for X length of time.

Water – unless you have a well, city water supplies may not work during an extended crises.

Store a LOT of bottled water, and invest in a good quality water purifier  – buy once – cry once,they ain’t cheap.

Grow your own veggies – even if you don’t have anywhere to plant a garden – you can grow a lot in  containers.

If you’re just starting out – I recommend buying bulk rice and pasta first,as these are still relatively inexpensive. Buy your canned goods a little at a time if $$ is tight. Just buy what you can afford every time you shop. Look for sales online,and local stores,use coupons. Buy things you normally eat. Learn to cook and bake as much as possible from scratch – after a reasonable initial investment – it’s cheaper than buying prepared, or canned/frozen.

Invest in a water bath and a pressure canner. Buy jars/ rings/lids. Supplement what you can grow with deals from local farmers/ farmers markets. Many grocery stores deeply discount produce nearing expiration dates – can it  and store it. The Ball Blue Book and the USDA are great sources for canning info.

Better to have food stored up before shortages get bad,than to try and buy scarce food with money that is becoming more worthless by the week. You’re still going to eat the food,even if by some miracle we avoid major long term shortages. I’d rather eat decent foods, even if it’s a lot of beans and rice and spaghetti – than have to choose from an ever dwindling and even more expensive variety of whatever is left in stores.

Maybe one of these days soon – I’ll get my shit together, and organize all the posts I wrote about this – and put links all in one place…

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